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Chinese Student Videos

Watch the Videos

Watch the Videos

Do you want to hear Chinese students speaking about what it’s like to study abroad? If so, you might find the videos on the following web page to be of interest, particularly when it comes to how studying abroad differs from studying in China:

There are, however, two caveats:

  • First, these videos are marketing videos made by the University of Sheffield, UK, to encourage potential students to enrol. By providing this link, I am not specifically recommending the University of Sheffield: it is currently ranked 106 in the global university rankings (2019 THE World University Rankings), and so evaluate it as you would any other university.


  • Second, while there is no indication that the Chinese students interviewed on these videos are not expressing their own opinions, their views are not necessarily representative of Chinese students in general – universities are keen to encourage overseas students to engage with other students and with the wider society, and will therefore selectively promote the views of those Chinese students who value such engagement. You will find that some Chinese students prefer to mix with other Chinese students as much as possible.

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